Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership contest: Here’s what he’s going to do next

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first_img Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership contest: Here’s what he’s going to do next Share Catherine Neilan whatsapp Monday 14 September 2015 10:14 am Show Comments ▼ What is Jeremy Corbyn going to do next?  His acceptance speech may have been branded “rambling” and there may be some confusion over certain policies, but the veteran North Islington MP is clear about at least one thing: opposing the Conservatives.  At least two Tory proposals – the Trade Union Bill and new regulations around tax credits – are to come under pressure from Corbyn and his new shadow cabinet.  Writing in the Observer yesterday the new Labour leader slammed the TUB, saying it would “make it harder for workers to get a fair deal at work, to fight for fair pay and for a better work-life balance”.  “Trade unions are a force for good – a force for a more equal society,” he added. “United, Labour will vote against this anti-democratic attack on trade union members.” He is also planning to attack Tory proposals around tax credits, due to be announced tomorrow, which he claims will leave “thousands of working families worse off”. “Tax credits are a vital lifeline to many families and Labour will oppose these cuts.” Corbyn, who has long opposed austerity measures, said the deficit was “just an excuse to railroad through the same old Tory agenda: driving down wages, cutting taxes for the wealthiest, allowing house prices to spiral out of reach, selling off our national assets and attacking trade unions”.  “You can’t cut your way to prosperity, you have to build it: investing in modern infrastructure, investing in people and their skills, harnessing innovative ideas and new ways of working to tackle climate change to protect our environment and our future,” he maintains. And his views regarding the Middle East remain the same: “Isis is utterly abhorrent and President Assad’s regime has committed appalling crimes. But we must also oppose Saudi bombs falling on Yemen and the Bahraini dictatorship murdering its democracy movement, armed by us,” he said. “Our role is to campaign for peace and disarmament around the world.” whatsapplast_img

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