Shaheed Khudiram Bose, a Great Patriot: Birth Day Tribute

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first_imgI am now a senior citizen and while I was in school and college days, I remember few names and their massive contributions in our freedom movement as these names were in the chapters in various books whether Assamese, Bengali English or Hindi. But in the freedom movement, lakhs of persons sacrificed many made supreme sacrifice and many sacrificed in other ways.  One name as birthday tribute I am presenting, he is Shaheed Khudiram Bose who just crossed 18 years of age when he was sentenced to death for an attack to the British and was hung on 11th August 1908 at Muzaffarpur, Bihar. More than 100 years have passed, many Indians in the present period perhaps are not aware of his sacrifice and patriotic actions.Shaheed Khudiram Bose was born on 3rd December 1889, in a tiny village of Midnapore district, West Bengal. From childhood, he was motivated in freedom movement by listening speeches of great freedom fighters namely, Rishi Aurobindo Ghosh (born on 15 August 1872, Kolkata) and others. It may be mentioned here that Rishi Aurobindo Ghosh was a great freedom fighter and later on became a spiritual leader and moved away from then Calcutta/Kolkata and established Ashram (spiritual community) in Puducherry/Pondicherry.  Shaheed Khudiram was first arrested at the age of 15 years for distributing pamphlets against the British rule. After his release, Khudiram fully engaged him in revolutionary activities.  And he was part of the Anushilan Samiti that was active in the first quarter of 20th century in Bengal advocating the revolutionary idea for freedom movement. The Samiti was led by nationalists like Rishi Aurobindo Ghosh, and his brother Sri Barindra Ghosh. Anyway Shaheed Khudiram, along with Sri Prafulla Chaki, attempted to assassinate a British judge, Magistrate Douglas Kingsford, by throwing bombs on his car but Magistrate Kingsford was in a different vehicle, and unfortunately, the two British women died because of the bombs. Later on, Sri Prafulla Chaki committed suicide before the arrest and Shaheed Khudiram was arrested and, ultimately he was awarded sentenced to death.  They wanted to kill Magistrate Douglas Kingsford (Magistrate in then Calcutta), because those days the people believe his judgements on Indian nationalists were unjust, biased and harsh.Shaheed Khudiram had great feelings for the country and he accepted the death smilingly. Before his death, he mentioned, “Like the heroic Rajput women, I wish to die for the freedom of my country. The thought of the gallows does not make me unhappy in the least. My only regret is that Kingsford could not be punished for his crimes. I want to die soon so that I come back again to fight the British”.The Amrita Bazar Patrika, one of the prominent dailies of that time mentioned, “Khudiram’s execution took place at 6 A.M. He walked to the gallows firmly and cheerfully and even smiled when the cap was drawn over his head.”For his execution many Indians were unhappy and in Maharashtra, Indian National Congress leader Bal Gangadhar Tilak wrote an editorial in his newspaper Kesari calling for Swaraj (self-rule) and defending the revolutionaries.The Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, who is known as Revolutionary poet, wrote a poem to honour Khudiram.The British newspaper, the Empire, wrote: “Khudiram Bose was executed. He was cheerful and smiling.last_img

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