Racism and world

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first_imgWhat is loathe? Why fight on religion? What is the upper caste or lower caste? Who are jews? Why fight for a piece of land? Why migrant’s travelled by foot miles?All these questions look like a nightmare to me. Nothing is more precious than human life. But nobody perceives this Don’t know why? Nothing is above humanity. People fight for religion contrary to that they know no religion is above mankind. This kind of narcissistic behaviour can’t be tolerated. Differences in ideologies may cause vulnerable to humans. I feel pessimistic seeing people fighting on these issues. Only an educated society can lead to world gleefully.Divisions based on race, colour, caste, status, and ideologies were supposed to decrease with education and social progress. But it appears as though anger and hatred have only been further fuelled to result in looting, burning, and organized spreading of hate-venom. God is positive energy for mankind. Now to feel superior and predominant in society on behalf of religion, colour, caste, etc is detrimental to society. Protest done by White Americans shows the world that a new era is beginning and no one is going to hurt sentiments of other society. The reservation system in India has improved the fettle of backward class of society and they are performing good and acquired top positions in every section of Bureaucracy. But there is nothing to be fought upon but they fight and discreet sentiments of others. I strongly condemn this ideology.The elitists who write, speak, and actively participate to mobilize mobs for burning and looting, should be carefully observed to see how much they have tangibly done to support the less privileged. No government plays a key role when migrant workers travelled miles by foot. Nobody came forward to help those poor class.I don’t believe in utilitarianism ideology because we had given my life to the government who would protect our lives. Let us empower each and every individual everywhere, to grow and flourish so that everyone can be happy and prosperous. Sarve Jano sukhino bhavantu – let everyone be happy.last_img

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