Learning Outcome during lockdown

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first_img“DOORS ARE LOCKED BUT MINDS ARE OPEN”Creativity cannot be easily defined and it varies from person to person. It is an inborn talent to be cherished and nourished at the right time. My teachers who have personal knowledge of every student know how to train their student in the fields of creativity. Creativity is not just about arts and craft; it’s also about the art of cookery. The entire team of GGSPS is trying to bring out the talents of kids by assigning them variety activities based on cooking and serving too.I am hopping our young kids will become able to choose even though they are at home during this lock down with our guidance.  School is not closed……………………….. Only the building is…            Learning never stops …………………..           Can hear the rhythm of hardworking teachers and administrators.           We connected remotely……………………..             LOCKDOWN is not SHUTDOWN! CREATIVITY UNLOCKED!!!!     AT GGSFA lock down is an emergency protocol that prevents people from leaving a given area. A full lock down means one must stay wherever he or she is. In this situation my teachers has started sending messages of love and encouragement to their beloved students for studies and to enrich their extracurricular activities as well.We have started our endeavor to work as a well -equipped team under the guidance and advice of our beloved Management Members, Respected CEO, Mr.Permindur Singh and Principal Madam, Mrs.Shilpa Boricha. In this time of crisis, we really missed our beloved ones. My teachers are assigning various tasks through social media platforms to help maintain a high morale and make them understand the importance of studies and other activities also about their involvement and commitment to the society in general.My teachers are really motivating their students daily to improve their mental, physical and creative skills by designing various art or craft work, project work and also assigning some exercises to improve their writing skills along with physical training and Yoga video clippings. Our students’ creativitylast_img

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