The mobile revolution

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first_imgEvery age has its own life. The advent of the 21st century is the age of mobile phenomenon. Television in the 90s revolutionized the world of entertainment and domestic life. Summer or winter, watching serials in the evening became a ritual. Family gatherings became imperative for watching movies & weekly chitrahaar.Today it is the mobile, a small device. A few years ago one could not think of being near if separated by a long distance physically. The cellphone has proved a boon for maintaining one’s personal & social connectivity every minute. It has added the mobility as we all feel a strange kind of freedom from the lineman, who had to be called, requested, cajoled & gratified till our contact on stationary telephone handset with the world was restored. Today, we have hassle-free connectivity. The cellphone is more than a mobile today. There is hardly any activity that cannot be handled by this small device. Sending money overseas has become as easy as drawing money through ATM. In fact, this small device is a combination of phone, camera, radio & internet. No wonder that we may come upon the handset that can telecast programmes in the upcoming future.Letter writing has lost its charm and sending SMS is easier & faster. It doesn’t impose any restraint on the selection of words. “Hinglish” is both at its best & worst. Sending messages is a favourite with youngsters. Telemarketing is a new phenomenon in the world of marketing & advertisement. No place is unsafe for anyone if they are to be used wisely. Travellers can call for help whenever and wherever they are stranded. Parents are providing cellphones to children and adults due to safety concerns. Sensing danger, they can press the “call” key unobserved. In solving crimes, the cellphones have done wonders. At times it is our lifeline. We can trace anyone’s location in case of an emergency.Cellphones have been a boon to us, as every minute a person has an important thing to convey & receive. This is not possible to carry PCs everywhere. Also, laptops can be portable but cannot be used in all places. There is no such hindrance to the usage of mobile. Car drivers resting their ears on shoulders with cellphones sandwiched is not uncommon. Rich or poor, you must have one because SMS contacts are part of one’s daily chores in India.The growth of mobile phones is very high & has already crossed 4.61 billion. It is yet to be ascertained how much exactly in our life cellphones are relevant. Is our preoccupation with cellphones going to contribute to the quality of time we pass?But what is more important is that cellphones pose a great health risk. Mobile phones and relay towers of mobile signals radiate radio frequency that heats up tissues which may be possibly harmful to human health, particularly pregnant women, heart patients & children who are at great risk but at present, no one even actually gives a second to think over this. Therefore, one cannot afford to be careless with the small machine in our hands and pockets. The innocuous-looking cellphones may, by radiation exposure or electronic discharge, cause potential health hazards. All over Europe, the government has issued warnings about electronic radiation. The European Environment Agency wants exposures to be minimised & advises limited use of children, pregnant women and persons with certain diseases. It is time our government adopted safety measures with the cooperation of the cellphone industry.last_img

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