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Get Lost at the World’s Most Remote Luxury Lodges

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first_img Learn Guitar (and Don’t Give Up) With the Fender Play App America’s Oldest City Has a Super-Modern Dining and Drinking Scene Editors’ Recommendations Escape to the Pacific Northwest at Hoh Rainforest Caravan Cabins 9 Best Spirits For Spiked Apple Cider Modern Nomad is a weekly column dedicated to mobile gear, must-see world destinations, tips for life on the road, and traveling better through technology.It’s difficult to truly get away these days. With a constant stream of social media photos and updates, it’s easy to forget just how massive our planet is. But there are still plenty of wild, remote outposts in little-discovered corners of the world. Here are three of our favorites:Feynan Ecolodge (Jordan)Large swaths of Jordan are rugged, wild, and remote. Located in the Dana Biosphere Reserve — one of the country’s most remote tracks of desert — Feynan Ecolodge feels light years from anywhere. The off-grid lodge is powered entirely by solar power, and only candlelight illuminates the rooms and hallways by night. The lack of light pollution in the surrounding area and a state of the art rooftop telescope both guarantee breathtaking stargazing opportunities. It’s no surprise that the lodge is consistently ranked among National Geographic’s top 25 ecolodges in the world.Related: Nkwichi Lodge: Eco-awesomeness in MozambiqueSouthern Ocean Lodge (Kangaroo Island, Australia)Because of its geographic proximity to nothing, Southern Australia and New Zealand are blessed with some of the world’s cleanest water and air. Off the southern tip of the Australian continent lies Kangaroo Island — a remote outpost known for its pristine wilderness and natural scenery. The island’s aptly named Southern Ocean Lodge sits along its southern tip with sweeping views of the Southern Ocean. The ultra-modern hotel features a cantilevered design and is arguably the most luxurious lodge in all of Australia. Suite offers complimentary minibars stocked with some of the country’s best wine, heated flooring, private plunge pools, and floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic ocean views from the bedroom and bathroom. It’s humbling to relax on your private, outdoor terrace, gaze across the open ocean, and realize that the only patch of land across the vast expanse is Antarctica.Three Camel Lodge (Mongolia)The word “Mongolia” recalls an impossible, otherworldly landscape that seems completely uninhabitable. Large swaths of open tundra, brutal, never-ending winters, nomads trekking over mountains on camelback in search of somewhere (anywhere) to lay their heads for the night. For the most part, that’s exactly what it is. But, Three Camel Lodge provides luxury lodge-style accommodations in that vast expanse. Guests sleep in private, handmade gers (a traditional tent of the area’s nomadic people) with wood-burning stoves, plus handmade furniture, felt carpets, and hand-carved wood beds. A “skylight” in the ceiling opens to allow guests to sleep under the stars. Days are filled with camel riding and visiting the area’s traditional nomadic families. The lodge is only accessible via a two-hour jet flight from Beijing, followed by a one-hour prop plane ride, and finally a 90-minute drive down a long, remote dirt road. It’s as close as most travelers will ever get to the “middle of nowhere”. This Black Boathouse Is a Luxurious Retreat on a Small Island in Norwaylast_img read more

Ohio State mens tennis looking for revenge against No 1 Oklahoma

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Redshirt-senior Hunter Callahan (pictured) and the OSU men’s tennis team are scheduled to play host to No. 1 Oklahoma on March 6 in Columbus, where they hope to defend their over 200-game home win streak.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorOn March 7, 2014, the then-undefeated Ohio State’s men’s tennis team traveled to Oklahoma and walked away with its first loss of the season.Now just 364 days later, the No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners (12-1) are set to travel to Columbus on Friday afternoon and the No. 8 Buckeyes (12-3) are looking for revenge.“It’s always good to beat a No. 1 team, but revenge for me is the main thing,” OSU redshirt-senior Hunter Callahan said. “They beat us pretty bad … so I think we want to get them back a little bit.”With the players looking for payback against the nation’s top team, coach Ty Tucker said he is just excited for the opportunity to play the Sooners.“It’s an unbelievable opportunity for guys in college athletics to get the chance to play the No. 1 team in the country in your home building in any sport,” he said. “These are the things you look forward to.”The last time the Buckeyes had the opportunity to play a top-ranked team at home was when they took on Illinois on April 5, 2003. The Buckeyes lost that match, but haven’t tasted defeat in Columbus since.OSU has made Columbus a hostile environment for visiting teams during its 200-match home winning streak, but Tucker said he expects a fight from Oklahoma.“They’ve got great players all across the board … It would be a huge effort for our guys to come up with a victory, but anything’s possible at home,” he said.The Sooners have three players ranked inside the top 20 and won the ITA Indoor Championship in February, but Callahan said the Buckeyes know what they need to do.“You just got to do what you have to do against an Oklahoma,” Callahan said. “In the end, you always have to beat them no matter if they’re No. 70, or if they are No. 1.”Tucker said the players are “pretty jacked up to play.”The match is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. on Friday at the Varsity Tennis Center. read more

Analysis Roy Keane may not be a better pundit than a player

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first_imgPerhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of his persona is the manner in which he has undergone somewhat of a personality transplant over the years.While the former Ireland captain, with his obvious no-nonsense attitude, may currently seem to be the antithesis of modern-day bad boys such as Joey Barton, it is far from fanciful to picture a younger Keane and Barton as kindred spirits. He has gone from an overly enthusiastic and troublesome party boy to a man both feared and respected in English football circles – the sporting equivalent of George W Bush in some ways, Keane eschewed the fecklessness of his younger days to acquire an imperious reputation.So regardless of whether you like Keane as a person or not, irrespective of your thoughts on his Saipan and Nani-related stances, it is surely impossible not to at least admire the level of self-improvement he has undergone in recent years, seemingly instigated through sheer force of will.And while he may no longer be as much fun on a night out, this change invariably makes for great TV, as last Tuesday illustrated.Stephen Kelly returns to Ireland squad for World Cup qualifiers, no Darron Gibson>Alex Ferguson bans 2 newspapers from press conference, says Wayne Rooney staying with United> It is only circa Saipan or shortly before then that Keane appeared to acquire his ice-cold countenance. Before then, he was a relentless troublemaker, as recounted in this fascinating documentary.Back in the first-half of his football career, he barely resembled the impeccably self-controlled individual he has become. Instead, he was having to be bailed out of jail by Alex Ferguson and getting sent-off in games on an all-too-regular basis.Yet as his career developed, something changed in Keane. Some may regard it as him developing a belated level of maturity, but surely the transition was too drastic for it to be that natural.The regularity with which he was receiving red cards lessened, his body started to look noticeably more chiselled and he was captaining both his country and Manchester United with distinction.In a relatively short period of time, he had developed from someone who teammates acknowledged had great difficulty handling his drink and a near-pathological tendency to seek out trouble to a player who swiftly became regarded as the epitome of the model professional.He consistently demanded the type of exemplary standards he had previously failed to meet himself, and consequently became widely regarded as Alex Ferguson’s on-field incarnation, with his zen-like concentration and exceptional leadership capabilities. And these skills have been transferred, albeit less than seamlessly, to football management and now punditry. OVER THE YEARS, Roy Keane has developed a reputation as an ultra-disciplinarian, and last Tuesday night following Manchester United’s controversy-laden Champions League exit was no exception.Speaking on ITV after the game, Keane reproved his fellow pundits, Gareth Southgate and Lee Dixon, for having the temerity to even partially disagree with him on the Nani sending off and was equally harsh on the player himself, blaming the winger entirely for the incident that changed the game and deriding him as “not the bravest player in the world”.In Keane’s eyes, Nani had failed to live up to the near-impossible standards the Cork native sets for himself and others, and was duly punished as a result.The moment upheld the stereotypical image of Keane as a hard man and a perfectionist, both as a player and pundit, not to mention a manager, whereby some critics suspect the severity of his nature ultimately proved his undoing.But Keane is far more interesting a figure than the stereotypes imply. He remains as enigmatic and unpredictable an individual as the man who divided a nation over the infamous events of Saipan back in 2002. If he was simply a ‘headcase,’ as some have suggested, it is doubtful that he would provoke as much interest and debate as he continues to do.last_img read more

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