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10 things all morning people know to be true

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first_img Source: ShutterstockThe downside to this is…The three o’clock slump hits you a lot harderWhile many people are just hitting their stride at around 3pm, you’re exhausted, having spent all your energy buzzing around like a busy bee at 8am. Source: WordPressOnce it hits 11pm, you’re ready for bedLate night Netflix binges? Parties that go on until the break of dawn? You’re not able! Your eyes start closing of their own accord once it begins to get dark out. Source: Giphy12 problems only hardened night owls will understand>Christian Bale dancing in an 80s cereal ad? Yes please?> OH WHAT A beautiful MOOOOR-NIIIING! Oh what a beautiful dayyyyyy…Oops, did we bother you with our general cheeriness and air of well-being, even at 7am? Sorry about that.Morning people are rare and special birds – we see things differently. The world needs us, but mostly can’t stand us. Here are ten things all morning people will understand.(Night owls aired their grievances last week)A morning person’s idea of “getting up early” is any time before 6amAny time after that is regular wake-up time. And any time after 9am is just indulgent. Source: ImgurYour alarm system is uncomplicatedSome people’s alarms look like this:Yours looks like this.There’s nothing like the peace and quiet of early morningThe sun is just coming up, all is quiet except the birds chirping softly – no traffic, no people, just peace. Ahhh. Dublin at sunrise Source: Flickr/CullionBreakfast is the most important meal of the dayAnd morning people have the time to make it as delicious as possible – whether it’s by cooking up a storm or taking advantage of the breakfast menu at the local café. Source: Flickr/Irish JauntPeople will frequently ask you to stop being so cheeryCheery? You’re just acting normally. What ever could be the matter? Source: GiphyBut when a morning person runs into a fellow morning person, it goes something like this: Source: ImbrokesoIeatmyshoe/YouTubeSleeping late makes you feel weirdThe few times you’ve has had a proper lie in, you’ve come away from it feeling like the whole day has been wasted. Source: ShutterstockProductivity is at its peak during the hours of 7am – 12pmGetting up early to study, work, or do the messages just makes sense. By the time everyone else is having breakfast, the to-do list has been thoroughly ticked off.last_img read more

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