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Lather Up With Dr. Squatch’s Natural Soaps

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first_img The Barbershop Renaissance and Men’s Grooming Revolution, According to Fellow Barber’s Sam Buffa Editors’ Recommendations Both outdoorsy campers and urban jungle dwellers will dig these all-natural soaps from the Dr. Squatch Soap Co. Inspired by nature and idea of running free in the woods like the elusive Sasquatch, AJ Fountain and Jack Haldrup started this environmentally friendly subscription soap company that delivers the lather right to your front door.“It’s time we started caring about the ingredients in things we use, inside and outside our bodies.” You won’t find any nasty chemicals or artificial fragrances added to these suds. These soaps are made by using the “cold process” to bring out the best and enhance the natural ingredients. First, lye, water, natural oils, and butters are mixed together. During the process the lye mixes with the oil. Over time this mixture hardens causing the oils to saponify. All of the bars start with the same base oil of olive, coconut, hemp, soy and Shea butter. Next, natural ingredients are added to make each soap special.Like a gritty exfoliating soap with a strong woodsy scent? Try Pine Tar. Or lather up with Gold Moss Scrub, one of their best sellers. Freshly ground cocoa and added sea salt round out this earthy musk. Cedar Citrus is the newest addition with notes of cedarwood, rosemary and orange and finished with mild peppermint leaves. Fresh and zesty. Make every day a vacation with Bay Rum. A smooth and creamy bar with a tropical twist. Or try a winter holiday with the Spearmint Basil Scrub bar. Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt soap will get you going in the morning with fresh eucalyptus essential oils and exfoliating oatmeal. Soothing aloe and sophisticated clover make up the Cool Fresh Aloe bar. And Deep Sea Goat’s Milk is an extra-moisturizing exfoliator.Now with over 2500 “soapscribers” these guys are keeping it all natural and expanding the line by bringing back the wet shave. This shaving kit comes with a copper mug, Clay Mint Bar Shaving Soap and synthetic shaving brush. No badgers were harmed in the making of this kit.gms-new-cropped drsquatch-sticker2 Do You Want Your Home to Smell Like Scotch Country? The Best New Men’s Grooming Brands You Need to Know About Sprint Through Airport Security With These TSA-Approved Men’s Grooming Kits How to Shave With a Straight Razor last_img read more