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FGD’s Balalfrej Leaves Technopark Position to Be in Parliament Full-Time

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Rabat – Omar Balafrej, a newly-elected lawmaker in the Democratic Left Federation (FGD), resigned from his lucrative position at Casablanca’s Technopark to dedicate his time fully to the parliament.Balalfrej told Lakome2 that the government holds a 30 percent stake in the information technology industrial park, so, as an opposition politician, he thought it may represent a conflict of interest.The general manager position paid MAD 50,000 a month. Balalfrej also said he had forfeited his parliamentary pension at the end of his term, as it would conflict with the FGD’s fervent opposition to program.Nabila Mounib, the secretary-general of the Unified Socialist Party (PSU) and a major headliner for Morocco’s leftist parties, described the FGD’s agenda in an interview with CNN last month, before the October 7th elections.The FGD efforts in the opposition will “build the next station in Morocco, consisting of clearer conditions for democracy and will increase pressure until a huge political front for these revisions is formed,” Mounib, who did not win a seat last Friday, explained.In 2011, the PSU boycotted the parliamentary elections. Since then, Mounib, who is also a professor of endocrinology at the University of Hassan II in Casablanca, has gained recognition for heading a delegation to Stockholm that successfully convinced Sweden to abandon plans to recognize the Polisario’s self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). read more

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