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EHF forbids Tatran to play in SEHA

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According to reports from the EHF meeting in Malta, the European Handball Federation has issued a note to Tatran Presov in which they forbid the club to play in the regional “balkan” SEHA league under the excuse that the country Slovakia does not border the other countries. This means that in case Tatran does not play, Zagreb remains the only favourite in the league. Tatran was supposed to play their first game against Lovcen away in Montenegro.Sandi Sola said before that he is certain that EHF will recognize the league and that it will allow some clubs to play further in some European competitions. With this decision, the recognition is put under the question mark, and also puts under question mark the possibility of the Polish clubs Kielce and Wisla to eventually join the league. Does EHF want no competition at all to their own “Champions League”? Or is it just another in the series of “strange” decisions made by EHF?! ← Previous Story Omeyer in Makarska at Goalkeeper’s Camp: “Extraordinary idea” Next Story → Portyanko – Best foreign player in France read more