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Im really sorry Justin Trudeau admits wearing brownface at 2001 costume party

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Barry Kay, a political-science professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., told the paper the revelation was embarrassing and potentially damaging for Trudeau and could reinforce existing impressions of Trudeau as inauthentic.“I am not sure the extent that it will resonate in public opinion in a campaign where everyone has been turning on everyone,” Kay said.The Times said the photo could hurt Trudeau who had sought to cast himself “as a champion of Canada’s racial and ethnic minorities in his nearly four years as prime minister.”In a Global News story shortly after he was elected prime minister, Vancouver school colleagues remembered Trudeau fondly.Trudeau “was an extremely well-liked and energetic French, drama and law teacher,” Stephen Anthony, head of the academy told the TV station.The election campaign started badly for Trudeau with the Globe and Mail reporting that the RCMP was examining potential obstruction of justice in the handling of the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin, but had been limited by the federal government’s refusal to lift cabinet confidentiality for all witnesses.— With files from The Canadian Press Andrew Scheer, the Conservative party leader, didn’t take any questions from reporters but said “I was extremely shocked and disappointed when I learned of Justin Trudeau’s actions.”“Wearing brownface is an act of open mockery. It was just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2019.“What Canadians saw this evening was someone with a complete lack of judgment and someone who is not fit to govern this country.”NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, who was attending a town hall when the news broke, called the photo “troubling” and “insulting.”“Anytime we hear examples of brownface or blackface, it’s making a mockery of what they live and what their lived experiences are,” Singh said.Singh, who was the first turban-wearing Sikh at Queen’s Park in Ontario, said it was becoming clear that Trudeau’s public persona may not be an accurate reflection of who he is.“I think he needs to answer for it,” Singh said. “Who is the real Mr. Trudeau? Is it the one behind closed doors, the one when the cameras are turned off that no one sees? Is that the real Mr. Trudeau? Because more and more, it seems like it is.“Mustafa Farooq, the executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, said on Twitter, “Seeing the prime minister in brownface/blackface is deeply saddening.”“The wearing of blackface/brownface is reprehensible, and hearkens back to a history of racism and an Orientalist mythology, which is unacceptable.”Celina Caesar-Chavannes, a black Ontario MP who this year quit the Liberal caucus in the wake of reporting on SNC-Lavalin, tweeted, “The privilege continues. There is no excuse for this. Apology is a first step. You should be aware of the history of #blackface and racism in this country and others. Apparently #diversityisourstrength? Deeply disappointed.”On Wednesday night, wearing a blue suit and blue tie, a marked difference from the everyman look of rolled- up sleeves and loosened tie he has been sporting on the campaign trail, Trudeau detailed the degree of his contrition — “I am deeply disappointed in myself” — in both official languages, saying he’d reached out to people in his party to apologize and explain himself for his behaviour when he was 29.He said he would, on Thursday morning, be speaking about the incident with his three children, to explain to them the importance of “taking responsibility.” Global News obtained a video from the early-1990s showing Justin Trudeau in blackface. Trudeau said he took responsibility for his action but did not directly answer whether he had considered resigning.“I am asking Canadians to forgive me for what I did,” he said.“The fact of the matter is that I’ve always — and you’ll know this — been more enthusiastic about costumes than is sometimes appropriate.”That seemed to be a reference to his ill-fated India trip in February 2018 when Trudeau was attacked for appearing in lavish local costumes with some saying he was “too Indian, even for an Indian.”Then, as now, photographs proved Trudeau’s undoing.Gerald Butts, the principal secretary to Trudeau at the time, told National Post columnist John Ivison that people would only remember the prime minister in Indian dress.“Nobody would remember any of that had it not been for the photographs,” Butts said, according to Ivison’s book, Trudeau: the education of a prime minister. “We should have known this better than anybody — in many ways we’d used this to get elected. The picture will overwhelm words.”Political analysts noted that Trudeau, a prime minister of the Instagram age, had meticulously constructed a global image as a progressive on issues such as gender equality, indigenous and minority rights.“It could repel some progressive voters who are against any kind of cultural appropriation and especially blackface,” Jean-François Daoust, an expert in public opinion at McGill University told the New York Times. “It can undermine the aura he has tried to create.” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks on his campaign plane regarding a 2001 photo that surfaced of him wearing brownface, Sept. 18, 2019. A photo posted online by TIme with the following caption “Justin Trudeau, now the prime minister of Canada, appears in dark makeup on his face, neck and hands at a 2001 “Arabian Nights”-themed party at the West Point Grey Academy, the private school where he taught.” Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press Justin Trudeau apologized Wednesday for wearing brownface while dressed as Aladdin at an Arabian Night party when he was a teacher.The bombshell photo showing Trudeau in brownface makeup, wearing a turban and surrounded by women was published by Time magazine and instantly tarnished the Liberal leader’s bona fides as a champion of inclusivity and tolerance.“I dressed up in an Aladdin costume and put makeup on. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better, but I didn’t, and I’m really sorry,” he said.“It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time, but now I recognize, it was something racist to do,” Trudeau said in a late night press conference on his campaign plane. “It was a dumb thing to do, I’m disappointed in myself, I’m pissed off at myself for having done it. I wish I hadn’t done it, but I did it, and I apologize for it.”He also admitted performing a version of the Harry Belafonte Banana Boat Song (Day-O) while wearing “makeup.”“When I was in high school I dressed up at a talent show and sang Day O with makeup,” he said.The Aladdin picture was taken at an Arabian-Nights-themed annual dinner for teachers, parents and administrators at a posh Vancouver private school. The photo appeared in the 2000-01 yearbook for West Point Grey Academy, reported Time, where Trudeau taught drama, French and math. He started his career there in 1998.The photo depicts the 29-year-old Trudeau alongside four young women — his hands draped over one of them. He is wearing a turban and robe, with dark makeup on his hands, face and neck.Time said it obtained a copy of the yearbook from Vancouver businessman Michael Adamson and described him as being “part of the West Point Grey Academy community.” Time said Adamson, who was not at the party, first saw the photograph in July and felt it should be made public. A second image of Justin Trudeau at the Arabian Nights dinner in 2001 at West Point Grey Academy. Global News Time.com read more

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